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Edale CE Primary School

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Claire Skillen (1988-1989)

"I had the pleasure of attending Edale Primary School for one year when we moved to the valley from Sussex. Despite my year being large by Edale standards (with a cohort of 5 pupils) I was made to feel welcome and included straight away. I still hold warm memories of the sound of the huge blackboard spinning round on its wooden frame and the clank of metal containers in the corridor announcing the arrival of lunch.


I remember also the feeling of freedom at break times spent in the field, making dens in the long grass and playing with children of all ages, something which simply did not happen at my previous school. The positive attention and warm welcome extended by Mrs P, the pupils and the villagers has definitely contributed to my desire to offer my own children the same wonderful experience of attending a small school. Being educated in an institution where the teacher has time to listen to and coach each pupil through their individual learning journey is an opportunity not to be missed. I am not of Edaleian blood but I truly have taken Edale into my heart."