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Danny Wallington - Pianist (1998-2004)

"Some of my first and most cherished memories are at Edale School, and I often look back on them and see how they shaped my life to come. My first encounters with music were there, through the hymns we sang everyday, guitar lessons, and hearing Adrian Murray-Leslie play songs on the guitar in assembly. 


I decided to begin piano after a musical instrument event at Edale School. Eventually I was good enough myself to play for the School's morning hymns which I remember very fondly as the first ever time I performed in front of anyone that wasn't my Mum or Dad! From there I went on to perform at the school's concerts, church services and pantomines.


Because it was such a small school I was allowed amazing opportunities and gained immensely useful experience. Without this experience, I wouldn't have been able to join bands, orchestras and perform in musicals over the next 5 years at Hope Valley College. Without that involvement and inspiration to practice at home, I would have never have gained entry into Chetham's School of Music, Trinity College of Music, and become the Musician I wanted to be."