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Ofsted and Performance Data

Edale Primary School is bouncing back from being put in 'special measures' in February 2017.

We have appointed a new headteacher, Mrs Lees, who recently led Castleton Primary to a 'good' rating by Ofsted We are are very pleased with the changes and progress Mrs Lees has already made during her time with us so far.


Edale's problems primarily related to the school's leadership and management, with this in turn impacted on safeguarding and teaching in key stage 2. The governing body has now changed and stabilised, and with close support from the Local Authority the school is back on its feet again. Teaching in Class 2 has been reviewed and we have welcomed Mrs Doust as a new teacher who, along with Mrs Dunne has strengthened the teaching of our older children. Class 2 have responded brilliantly to these changes. Both Ofsted and the Local Authority are happy that all issues regarding safeguarding have been resolved.


Teaching in our reception and infants class continues to be led by Mrs Garmeson. The teaching in Class 1 has always been excellent and was rightly praised by Ofsted in February. The younger children continue to receive a fantastic start to their education and this has been strengthened by the overall improvements to the school.


Our aim as a school is to be back to our usual 'good' rating by July 2018. Already we are on target for this, as can be seen in the report from Ofsted who visited again in October to review our progress.

Some quotes from our recent Ofsted review inspection:


 "Leaders and managers are taking effective action towards the removal of special measures."


"All of the specific safeguarding issues identified at the inspection in February 2017 have been dealt with effectively." 


"The school has improved the pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, using a wide-ranging approach. This was reflected in displays around the school and activities taking place in classrooms during this inspection. The activities include opportunities for the pupils to work with the pupils at a partner school. In addition, the pupils visit a school in very different circumstances from Edale." 


"The attention paid to teaching literacy and numeracy is evident in the classrooms. The school has increased its emphasis on reading. Leaders have purchased a good range of new books which have increased the pupils’ interest in reading. The classrooms now contain spaces and resources to encourage the pupils to read. The pupils are starting to take advantage of the new resources and are reading more books and reading more often. The inspector observed a teacher listening to the pupils reading fluently, with confidence and good inflexion." 

Ofsted's encouraging report  from our October 2017 review inspection will be posted here in full once it is published on their website (which should be sometime during the week starting November 20th).

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School Performance Data

Please find below the link to the DFE performance data site. This gives full figures for pupil performance at Key Stage Two nationwide.

At Edale C of E Primary any data needs to be considered carefully in the light of the exceptionally small cohorts. In order to protect individuals, full information on pupil outcomes is not published.