Edale CE Primary School


Some quotes from the Ofsted February 2018 report

......The effectiveness of leadership and management

The senior leaders have established a well-thought-out programme of activities to monitor the quality of teaching, learning and assessment. The programme has brought coherence to the way in which the quality of teaching is being improved. It links together the assessment of the pupils’ learning, the tracking of their progress, the observation of the school’s work and the management of the staff’s performance, including helpful opportunities for professional development and training. This systematic approach is changing the culture of the school.


The school has made notable improvements to the curriculum. The curriculum and teaching plans provide good opportunities for the pupils to develop their literacy skills in a range of subjects, including science. The arrangements for science include equally good opportunities for the pupils to apply their mathematics knowledge and skills……..

A plan for personal, social, health and economic education now sets out a programme of learning for all pupils throughout the academic year. The plan incorporates suitable activities and topics that contribute to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the pupils. The actions taken to date have had a positive effect on the pupils’ values and attitudes to learning.


Quality of teaching, learning and assessment

The improvements that have been made at key stage 2 mean that the teaching is now adapted more closely to the pupils’ needs. The opportunities now provided for the teachers to test their assessments of the pupils’ learning with other colleagues and professionals from outside of the school have helped the teachers to get a clear understanding of the pupils’ learning needs.

Well-thought-out approaches, well-chosen resources and topics, and well-designed tasks get the pupils interested in learning. As a result, the pupils show commitment and a good level of concentration.

The teaching focuses on expanding the pupils’ understanding. The pupils are questioned routinely in a way that makes them think more and makes them extend their answers and apply their learning. ……

Personal development, behaviour and welfare

The leaders have expanded the range of opportunities for the pupils to learn about cultures other than their own. …..

Outcomes for pupils

The inspector saw several examples of good-quality writing in different styles produced by the pupils. They have produced well-structured accounts of the death of Llewelyn’s dog, Gelert. Some of the poetry written by the pupils about Storm Doris showed an excellent grasp of personification and some powerful descriptive writing. For example, one pupil wrote about the storm, ‘She was an ugly, aggressive lion, seizing her victims.’

In geography, the pupils have learned to use technical vocabulary, such as tectonic plates and geological fault lines, accurately and confidently...."