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What a glorious, sunny end to the half term. Our weeks now begin with the Swallow’s class trooping off to the Peak Centre to use their hall for PE first thing on a Monday morning. Ben, the centre manager, has kindly offered us this excellent facility free of charge and we hope to link up with the Peak Centre more often as the weather improves - for local guided walks and outdoor, environmental opportunities. The Swallows were joined at Forest School this week by a group of Y1 Puffins from Hope. Much fun was had together and the sunshine meant the children could access the river for the first time in a few weeks! Our topic of space continues after half term with the children heading to Hope on Monday 25th for lunch and an afternoon of fun in a planetarium which will be set up at the Methodist hall. We will take lots of pictures for the website.

Your children have worked exceptionally hard this half term and deserve a restful week off. Have lots of fun!

Mrs W


The children were thrilled to receive a personal card from Jasmin Paris, recent winner of the Spine Race - one of the toughest endurance races going! They had been lucky enough to have a talk by the race organiser back in early January and it was great to see how much enthusiasm they had for following the race each day with Mrs Garmeson. Jasmin's card was very motivating and was clear in it's message to the children - work hard enough, and you can achieve your goals. We'll display the card in school for you to read.


This week has been Children's Mental Health Week. The strap-line this year is 'Healthy: Inside and Out'. Often, when discussing the idea of being healthy with young children they think it is all linked to 'healthy bodies' and eating more fruit and vegetables. I think the children's Tai Chi and mindfulness sessions on a Wednesday morning are so important in supporting their overall well being. It helps them to see that our bodies and minds are so closely linked and that things we do to improve our physical well being can help with mental well being too. If you are interested in what the week has been promoting then have a look at the link below. There is a good research article about children who get less sleep being more likely to struggle with worries.

Mrs W


An unexpected snow day means I can finally get round to some website updating and setting up my blog which I intend to do weekly just to give you a flavour of what’s been going on in school. It’s been fantastic to see 100% attendance at our new craft club and it’s been a great opportunity for me to spend time with all the children and get to know them that little bit better. We are currently making ‘eco-superheroes’ out of Eco-bricks, paper mache and fabric for the capes. The ‘Eco-bricks’ movement is something I am trying to promote at both Edale and Hope to make the children aware of how much plastic is used in packaging and how we can do our bit to reduce plastic heading to landfill. If you are keen to find out more…..follow the link below. It’s amazing how my rubbish bags' reduced in size just from eco-bricking for a couple of weeks at home!

Looking forward to a normal day back in school tomorrow,

Mrs W