Edale CE Primary School


Finance and Resources Committee

John Payne, Kay Argyle, Chris Wright, Naomi Compton

The Finance and Resources Committee meets twice a term and review the financial management of the school.



Naomi Compton (Chair), John Payne, Jess Snape-Burns, Jill Garmeson, Nancy Lees

The Curriculum Committee meets twice a term and reviews the educational standards, goals and attainment of the school.


Pay and Performance

Jessica Bagnall (Chair), John Payne, Cathy Spingys

The Pay and Performance Committee meet twice a year to review the leadership of the school. 


Strategic Committee

John Payne, Kay Argyle, Naomi Compton, Nancy Lees

This committee has recently been set up with a forward looking view, focusing on collaboration with other small schools to ensure Edale's sustainability for the future. It meets on an ad hoc basis and reports back to the Full Governing Body.