Edale CE Primary School

Collective Worship

As a Church of England School our collective worship always has a Christian perspective. Encouraging our children to make clear links between the Christian faith and different aspects of their lives.If any parent wishes to withdraw a child from this area of the curriculum they should arrange to discuss this with the Head Teacher.

Each half term we consider a different Christian value along with other aspects of living a Christian life. Below you will find the key concepts we are visiting this term in our daily collective worship.

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Christians believe that God loves and cares for them in many different way in all aspects of their life. They know that their response to this provision should be one of thankfulness and praise.

In our collective worship this half term we are giving consideration to:

  • How we encourage an appreciative and thankful attitude in all members of our school community.
  • How the school raises consciousness of being thankful for those things we often take fro granted.
  • How we encourage children to show gratitude in practical ways.
  • How we give thanks for new members of our school community.

Christians see their hope in God's promise "that love and goodness have, and will ultimately, overcome all evil". This hope is manifested in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In the second half of this term we will be considering:

  • Our vision of a hopeful future.
  • Promoting understanding that there is a chance of a new beginning and a fresh start in every situation.
  • Promoting understanding of the children can play their part in creating a more sustainable environment and a better society.
  • Promoting understanding of how the children are citizens of the world and that this citizenship brings challenges and responsibilities.